Leah’s Makeover: Part 1 {the dining room}

Before I get started today, I just wanted to thank all of you for your support and words of encouragement leading up to today’s Better Homes and Gardens photo shoot! Finger’s crossed that I hold it together and knock this one big shot out of the park. More details to come next week, so stay tuned! Little sneak peek (in horrible rainy day lighting, of course!)…


With that said, have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE hearing from you guys?? Well I do. I love seeing your beautiful rooms, and working with you to brainstorm ways to bring even MORE personality into your spaces.

Take Leah’s home for example. She and her family live in a beautiful house full of warm colors, souring ceilings and big open doorways. Yet, she was having trouble infusing her living and dining rooms with the furniture and pattern that she envisioned. So, like I did for Rachelle last year, I came up with a proposed plan of action to help Leah put together those final touches starting in the dining room.


The space before is really a great leap ahead already. There’s color, there’s texture, there’s SO much warmth – It really just needed those last few pieces to bring the space together and make it feel really finished. It almost looks like the halfway shot of a room makeover, doesn’t it – There’s no denying that it’s on the right track.


Dining Room

graphic art | mercury table lamp | navy lamp shade | indoor/outdoor trellis rug
decanter | striped straws | letter s | amber glasses | faux succulents

To flesh out the style already in the room, I would love to see Leah incorporate a big patterned rug. There’s a lot of orange going on in this space, so a cool color is a must. Luckily, as you can see photographed at the end of this post, Leah’s home sports a gorgeous expansive navy living room. I simply took inspiration straight from that adjoining space, and filled Leah’s dining room with accents in that rich blue color – starting with the rug. This foundational piece is made of indoor/outdoor material, making it perfect for catching (and repelling) dinner time spills.

I love the chandelier, but wanted to see a little more light and glitz in the space. So I picture a mercury finished table lamp on the existing sideboard, switching out the standard white shade for a deep navy one. Also on that sideboard, I curated a little bar cart collection complete with decanter, amber glasses and patterned drinking straws. Above that I’d love to see Leah exploit her love of pattern and color with a gallery collection. Those blue and orange prints I found on Etsy are a great visual of the warm/cool color palette we have going on. To finish off the sideboard vignette, I added an oversized metal “S” as a shout out to Leah’s last name. Lastly, a faux succulent planter for the dining table offers warmth and texture – without the hassle and mess of real plants.

Check back next week, when I’ll be sharing my ideas for finishing off Leah’s living room makeover (again, the “Progress” shot for that space is pictured below).

Thanks for welcoming us into your home, Leah!!


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