Pinspiration Monday: Printable art

I enjoy a great free printable as much as the next gal. Lately I’ve been a little enamored with typography, so a sweet sentimental quote done up in fancy lettering and bright colors is definitely going to grab my attention. But I recently came across a free printable that not only combines great lettering and color, but ALSO features complete customization.


Source | On To Baby

At first, I remember pinning this baby-oriented printable thinking it would make a great baby shower gift, but later took a second look and decided to click through for our own adult purposes. My initial intent was to do a “W is for Waller” printable to declare our household name, but I quickly found out that the realm of possibilities was much wider than assumed. It turns out that you can do ANY kind of “letter is for word” combo – “L is for Laughter,” “E is for Eat,” “P is for Pink” and so on.

After making this fun discovery, I immediately started playing. I made templates for my studio (“C is for Create”), the kitchen (“Y is for Yum!”) and the laundry room (“W is for Wash”). And now that I’m sitting here, I’d love to do one for our bar cart – “C is for Cheers!” Aren’t the possibilities just too much fun to consider??




As you can see, you also have complete control over the colors. There are over a dozen options, from mint to antique rose, and gray to Tiffany blue. For my final printable I chose a slightly cheesy (yet no less true) “L is for Love” to hang in our master bedroom retreat. As to the color, I went with my favorite shade of mustard yellow, which perfectly suites our whole house color scheme.


After generating my free printable, I printed it on heavy cardstock paper (although I think regular computer paper would have been just fine) and stuck it behind the glass of an IKEA Ribba frame that I already had on hand, no trimming required (it automatically prints as an 8×10 print).


After situating it above our bed, I couldn’t be more pleased – In fact, I’d go so far as to say that I just L-O-V-E how it turned out (pun intended).




What would you have YOUR printable say?

P.S. If you follow me on Twitter, then you already know – But just in case you don’t, I’m happy to report that I start a brand new job today! As you may remember, I took the leap of faith back in January to quit a terrible job in pursuit of something that was more creative and fulfilling. I’ve since taken my time choosing positions to apply for, both in town and across the country, leaving our final resting place up to fate. I considered marketing positions in Chicago, graphic design openings in Colorado and some promising writing positions right here in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Finally, I received a call back two weeks ago from a company based less than 10 minutes from our home for a position that can only be described as a dream. Several anxious days later, I found out that I got the job…Words can’t describe my excitement for the future and the possibilities ahead! 

As to the job I’ll be doing, it’s a graphic design, blogging and social media management position with a local construction company. Yup! That means I’ll be doing exactly what I love, all while focusing my attention on home design!! I honestly can’t wait to pour my heart and soul into this opportunity. The future is finally looking much brighter…

Wish me luck!

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