The Options: Painted or Stained

Painted or Stained

Option 1: Painted | Options 2: Stained

Growing up in the household of a very talented woodworker makes today’s post a touchy one. The rest of my family would agree that painting wood is the ULTIMATE “no no,” but I just can’t help but allow my devotion to color run a little wild.

Option 1: How. Adorable. Is. That. Mint. Dresser? Like really, folks. I can’t stand painting (if you can believe it based on the incredible amount I use each week), but I am totally planning a big dresser refinish based solely on that photo above. While my parents and sister would balk at the thought, I am of the opinion that old furniture in need of a little sprucing can benefit ten-fold from a nice clean coat of color.

Option 2: That said, there is obviously something really special about an exposed wood grain. That cabinet above screams character, with its irregular stained finish and one-of-a-kind door front pattern. I wouldn’t touch a thing about it.

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