All in the details…

Brass Animal Coffee Table


Two things about this room caught my eye. First, the fact that masculine finishes are co-mingled so beautifully with feminine textures – this type of balance is something that I am constantly grappling with in our own home. And second, the color scheme. Black, white and brass is really quite beautiful in its own unique way.

Let’s talk details…

1…Living with a musician has its pros and cons. The pro is that I get to be married to a rock star hottie who can play a mean riff. The con is that all of that equipment drives me up a wall (no, a cliff) – I can’t stand all of the peddle, cord and amp chaos. LUCKILY though, my sweet hubby has found a way to keep the majority of his equipment at his and his friends’ practice space, but we still have an errant guitar or two creeping in the closets. What a fabulous way to celebrate his talents than with a wall of guitars, like the one in today’s featured space. Adding this one to the “to-list” right away.

2…Frankly, I can’t remember WHICH compulsion made me call out this specific area of the room – It was either the geeeeORGEOUS light fixture, or the architecture/drapery interplay. Let’s talk about both. I am just aching to snatch up a look-a-like to that mid-century brass lotus blossom light fixture. Doesn’t it seem like a piece of artwork? And if you have great window architecture, but need drapes for privacy, this is a perfect solution – White sheers help to block the sight line, without covering your home’s classic goods.

3…I’m all for finding vintage brass animals. I’ve got quite a minagerie of them going on at our house, in fact. So it’s no surprise that I would gravitate immediately towards a brass coffee table with “legs” shaped in a distinctly mammal-like profile. It’s the perfect central conversation piece in one decidedly glamorous space.

What are your favorite details?

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