From thread rack to washi tape organizer

I adore those one-in-a-million light bulb moments where everything in the universe just clicks, and amazingly I experienced this rare little phenomenon first hand over the weekend while thrifting with my mom. We had already made quite a pile for ourselves up at the register, but kept going back out for more. On one last foray into the cavernous warehouse full of second-hand treasures, I noticed an empty thread rack tossed on the shelf. I picked it up thinking that there just had to be a dual purpose for this spoked organizer. Then it hit me. Washi tape!

Luckily, thanks to our massive pile of purchases, the manager threw in my $3 thread rack for free, so this project literally cost me nothing (and maybe you have a thread-bare thread rack lying around at home that you too can repurpose for $0!). As soon as I got home, I grabbed my level, hammer and a couple of nails and had my new tape organizer up and ready for action – or, in this case, ready for washi tape.

It worked like an absolute charm and I now have my tape within easy reach without cluttering up my work surfaces and shelves. The best part? I have room for a whopping 60 spools of tape! That’s a lot of tape, but I’m up for the challenge and can’t wait to see just how colorful I can make this repurposed display.

Have any other thoughts for repurposing an empty thread rack? Sound off below!

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