All in the details…

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My younger sister is currently working her way through a graduate degree in English at Wake Forest University – With her end date looming this December, she’s been gabbing non stop about finding the perfect little studio apartment in some city somewhere. So I’ve had my eye out for pretty spaces that maximize a small footprint. This one seemed to fit the bill (and then some!).

1…As a student in the English department (and as an avid lit fan for years), Kat has amassed quite an arsenal of books. She has actually employed this books-in-the-window trick herself with great success. What a simple way to store your favorite novels! Just be aware that they will fade over time in that direct sunlight though…

2…Living on a recent grad budget can be tough. It can be hard enough putting food on the table, let alone collecting nice art for your home. So I love this idea for super simple, super affordable typography art. A $10 IKEA frame and print out of your favorite letter (in size 650 font) are all it takes to recreate this look on a shoe-string budget.

3…When living in a studio, it’s really all about playing with illusion to get the sense of wide-open space. Low furniture, like the pieces in the room above, help to give off the feeling of openness when it doesn’t exactly exist.

What are your favorite details?

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