The Options: Wall or Floor

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Shelves are this girl’s best friend, although I’m thinking that I probably have to share this particular bff with several of you like-minded OCD gals/guys…Shelves provide the perfect place to tuck everyday things away, and learning the fine art of styling has infinitely multiplied the possibilities. But when it comes time to play with said vessels, books and florals, which type of shelving unit do you prefer?

Option 1: Wall shelves are obviously perfect for storing and stowing our prized possessions. Getting things up off the floor is one of the first steps we organizers take to make a room feel more open and airy, and wall shelves are our favorite secret weapon for achieving the effect without having to purge (too much) of our stuff.

Option 2: But, on the other hand, floor shelves also do double duty – They give us a pretty, more substantial piece of furniture to look at, all while providing square footage for organizing our things. I particularly love the antique look of the piece in today’s inspiration image…

Which do you prefer when it comes to your shelving orientation? Cast your vote!

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