Thrift Store Score: Vintage Wine Basket

I know I say this just about every time I post about my latest thrift store gem, but folks – this is legitimately my favorite second hand find ever (And that’s saying something with competition like this, this and these). My brand new to me vintage wine basket cost me a mere $12 dollars and I love it. Like pack-up-our-next-meal-and-cart-it-five-feet-to-the-dining-room “love it.” With a roomy section built for the food and two round baskets fit for wine bottles in the front, this piece is versatile, rustic and classic. Did I mention that it’s my favorite?

To celebrate my find, I packed up a to-go meal fit for two ladies and two little munchkins (that is…for myself, my best friend, Bethany, and her sons, Dean and Judah). We enjoyed wrapped ham sandwiches, chips, soda, fruit and good old fashioned H2O accented with freshly squeezed lemon. It was the perfect way to spend a lazy summer afternoon, and I was happy that my latest “Thrift Store Score” got to serve as the cherry on top.

Just you wait until you feast your eyes on this sweet-as-pecan-pie family. Bethany and I have been friends for more than half of our lives and, although we’ve seen our fair share of ups and downs, our bond has never failed to bring us back together. We’ll never forget our 7th grade teacher telling us point blank that our friendship wouldn’t last, and we’ll also never stop proving her sad declaration false. As they say, this love is forever. And how about her beautiful offspring?! I adore these two vocal, wiggly, curious little boys with all my heart and always manage to catch baby fever when I visit with them.

Check back on Friday when I plan on sharing the simple method I used to wrap our picnic sandwiches. You’ll never guess where I got the brown paper…

vintage wine basket: Estates & Consignments, Inc. // water bottle, linen napkins: T.J.Maxx //
plates, swirly straws: Target // vintage salt & pepper shakers: Sleepy Poet Antique Mall

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