The Options: Wallpaper or Artwork

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When I first moved into John’s then-bachelor-pad, our now-home, there was nothing on the walls. I mean nothing. I remember feeling like he and I were a match made in heaven, not just because of how we connected over multiple OCD tendencies, but because his home was practically begging for me to fill it with color, pattern and ART!

When it comes to adding prettiness to your own walls, which way do you lean?

Option 1: Wallpaper is a high, high, HIGH impact way to turn a wall into a focal point. The all over pattern makes an immediate transformation – However, it’s not a quick 1-hour-long weekend project, what with all of that measuring, pasting and trimming.

Option 2: Artwork, on the other hand, is both moveable and customizable depending on your whims. It is easily changed or rehung, making it the perfect short-term solution for shifting tastes.

If you were faced with a house that had nothing on its walls, what would you do?

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