Our Home Through Liz Cook’s Lens

This past quarter, I had the immense honor of being featured in The Clutch Guide, a local publication seeking to empower and enrich the lives of women here in Central Virginia. The pages are chock-full of recipes, entertaining ideas, local spotlights and DIY ideas – That last one, no surprise, is where I come in.

Jennifer Prince, the creative mastermind behind Clutch, contacted me about doing a special feature on our home, which would ultimately highlight all of the low-budget customization we’ve done to the house. I literally jumped at the chance and was overjoyed to find out that Liz Cook would be taking the photos for the piece (Liz and I have worked together on this project, and she is my first interior styling client – Details on that very soon).

To read the full feature, click through to the digital issue of Clutch Guide, or, if you’re local, pick it up if you catch sight of it around town! I usually grab mine at Estates & Consignments downtown.

I can’t thank Jennifer enough for giving our home the opportunity to really shine, and a big thanks to Liz also for capturing our home through her camera lens. These two ladies are one talented duo…

Since the magazine couldn’t fit all of Liz’s gorgeous photos, I wanted to share my favorites here on the blog – All 20-something of them! Although it’s nothing you haven’t seen if you’ve been a regular follower for any length of time (and I’ve actually made several updates since these photos were taken back in June), I thought it would be fun to share a new perspective. Enjoy!

All photos credited to Liz Cook, courtesy of The Clutch Guide

For more photographic goodness, this time through the lens of Miss Mallory Benedict, click on over to our regular home tour. Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. I absolutely positively cannot thank you guys enough for your INCREDIBLE engouragement following yesterday’s candid post. Your support means more than anything to me and I feel so empowered knowing that you guys have my back. Thanks for speaking up and for lending your voice to my cause, and of course for coming back day in and day out to read my little corner of the Internet…

P.P.S. Don’t forget! The FLOR tile giveaway ends next week. Click here to get your name in the drawing. 

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