Business with Intention Workshop at Home {a review}


I’ve mentioned Jess Lively several times, most notably here, and am happy to bring the name right back up today. If you haven’t heard, Jess just recently released a brand new at-home version of her Business With Intention Workshop. Seeing as I live several hands worth of hours from Chicago, this was really the only way that I could ever take part in the workshop, so I’m really thankful for this opportunity to learn – especially since it means that I can learn from the comfort of my own home. Namely, from the comfort of a big fuzzy green robe and socks. No, seriously.



I was elated when the package arrived in the mail last week, and have since taken my time to go through the materials and begin the workshop itself. I have only just barely begun, but wanted to offer a couple of key points and some personal insight into the package for anyone out there who is struggling to get their own small business off the ground. Before I do that though, I wanted to mention that this is in NO way affiliated with Jess’s business – she doesn’t know that I’m posting about it today.



For those of you who are hearing about the workshop for the first time, it’s largely geared towards fresh entrepreneurs. Her videos touch on a broad spectrum of issues, from coming up with a purpose statement, to getting your finances in order. What has been so wonderful about the videos in particular, is that we are/I am able to learn directly from the experiences of already established entrepreneurs. These voices coupled with Jess’s own experiences have been riveting to listen to and has, so far, been absolutely invaluable. In case you haven’t caught site of Jess’s interview list, scan this and prepare to be impressed:



Aside from the obviously adorable goodies that arrived in my FedEx box (hello, that tote?), the workshop workbook and videos have really taken things to such a new level. I feel like I am armed with this incredible array of resources that all add up to one super contagious ball of inspired energy – big claim, people, but I mean it! I feel like I’ve got Jess, Helena, Danielle, Kimberly – all of those fabulous creatives – rooting for me from the sidelines and, really, that’s all the confidence I need to get my act in gear and my business in motion.


It’s time to fill that calendar and get Carrie Waller Creative moving through 2013 and on into 2014. Thanks (again!) for making me feel like I can take on the world, Jess.

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