Help Me Makeover The Saddest Chair


Long story short, I recently inherited a chair. After bargaining my services to help out a client at my favorite local estate shop in town, I was offered this chair in return as a project. With a quick nod of the head, she was mine and I have been brainstorming ever since ways to bring her back to her former glory. Yet, today a good bit is left to be desired…Stained upholstery, dinged wooden frame and all. That said, it’s super comfortable and I think that the chair has a bright future. Fingers crossed.





So I put the question to you, my creative, stylish readers. Please offer your excellent taste and help me decide my next move! I plan on taking the cushions downtown to my mom’s favorite upholster, but am not sure exactly which direction I want to go with the new stuff. I could go ALL out and reupholster her in pretty tufted brown leather (or probably in my case, faux leather), or I go all “Emily Henderson” on it and try a bright blue or teal. But maybe I should just keep with the original era of the piece and reupholster it in a classic, unobtrusive tweed?


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The fourth and final option is admittedly a little wild, but the frugal freelancer in me has to at least toss it out there to the wolves. What do we think about using this $10 roll of bold magenta fabric that I picked up at a yard sale a couple of months ago? I have the fabric sitting in my closet waiting for just such a project, but is it too bold? I’m not sure.


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