Jonathan Adler Gets Me Every Time…


jcpenney is one of those brands that has really impressed me lately. It’s no secret that they’ve done a bit of a 180 with their advertising in the last couple of years and, frankly, I’m happy to buy right into it. Plus, nothing really perks the ears of a home decor geek, such as myself, like the name “Jonathan Adler.” Am I right, or am I right?



Case in point, my new pouf from the Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler collection, which is a jcp exclusive. You guys know that I hate to sound like a commercial, but seriously…The color, the retro pattern, the PRICE – I die. For an on-trend accessory at this price point, all with a name like Jonathan Adler attached to it? I dare you to one up me! (no really, please do because I want a pouf in every room).

Not surprisingly, my new favorite accessory has cycled through just about every room in the house. Right now, it’s parked by the front door playing host to my purse, but before that it was sitting by my desk in the studio, and after that it jumped over to our bedroom. Who knows where it will end up next, but I’m loving our little game of “Where’s Pouf.”


P.S. Thanks, as always, for supporting the brands that allow me to create original (and 100% HONEST) content here on DGD.

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