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Today is a big, big day. If you haven’t already caught wind of my involvement via social media, I am honored to tell you that I can now add “Editorial Director” to my resume – namely, for the newly launched (as of today!) digital resource Career Contessa.

This website has been such an incredible labor of love. My sister was actually my first contact with the CC team, and after just one phone conversation with the founder, Lauren McGoodwin, the rest was history. Lauren, myself and Creative Director Mallory Benedict have been pulling late nights ever since I came on board back in August, and we’re beyond elated (and also just a touch relieved) to finally have something to show for all of that dedication.

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So what exactly is Career Contessa? I encourage you to check out our About Us page for the eloquently worded answer to that question, but ultimately, CC is meant to be a resource for millennial women looking to establish themselves in the job market today. We profile new entrepreneurs and corporate creatives each week, and allow their words to guide those looking for a bit of inspiration and encouragement.

To snag a particularly succinct one-liner from the site, our intimate profiles with some of the best in each industry offer readers the chance to get the real story behind her job and how she got thereSee below for just a handful of the awesome features we can’t wait to unveil throughout our maiden year in “digital print.”





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We are so, so proud to finally unveil Career Contessa with Dream Green DIY readers this morning, and would be honored if you would help spread the word. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team if you have any questions, suggestions or potential Contessas for future features. Thanks for making this super special day even sweeter with your support!

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