The Options: Flowers or Candles

Flowers or Candles

Option 1 | Option 2

When it comes to styling coffee tables, or really any surface, the possibilities are nearly endless. Stacks of books, tiny glass bowls, a vintage tin, a clock or two – heck, even your favorite collection of match books can easily make the cut. But I want to chat today about two of my very favorite tabletop accessories, and I’m curious to know which you lean towards in your own home.

Option 1:

I think I will always be partial to flowers. Nothing in the world can match the warmth and natural elegance of a bunch of live buds. Whether you use a tight arrangement or something a little more wild like the one above, you can hardly ever go wrong with flowers.

Option 2: 

But when I can’t make it to the market for fresh roses or hydrangeas, you’d be safe to bet your bottom dollar that there will be a cluster of candles within glancing distance. Jars, tapers and brass candle holders too – they’re all fair game in this house.

At any rate, those are my thoughts, but what are you leaning towards? – Cast your vote!

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