The Options: Mismatched or Uniform

Mismatched or Uniform

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It’s no secret that I’m a little obsessed with gallery walls. With five (and counting) scattered throughout our home, I’m constantly pinning ways to change up this go-to styling trick. Here are the two arrangements that have me itching to add number six.


At our house, you’re more likely to find this first configuration up on the walls. It’s not so much because I’m especially drawn to the look of mismatched frames and shapes (although, who am I kidding? I really, really am), it’s more because of budget. When I have the urge to hang a gallery wall, I don’t want to have to run out to the craft store to drop a pretty penny on new, matching frames. I want to use what we have. Thus, mismatched is my go-to.


But there’s no denying that uniform frames are both stylish and elegant. Exuding this awesome modern vibe, a symmetrical configuration just seems so “Upper East Side” to me. Plus this trick is great for bringing a little sense to mismatched paintings, prints or photos.

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