The Options: Monochromatic or Multicolored

Monochromatic or Multicolored

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The hardest class that I ever took in college was Color Theory. Our professor was especially picky about presentation, so I remember spending looooooooooong nights with fellow classmates, Exacto knife in hand, our faces three inches from the page as we carefully cut out squares of green with two dots of white, green with three dots of white – Well, you get the point. Suffice it to say, I have a SPECIAL passion for color and the plethora of shades that exist…


I’m happy to notice that the “black & white” combo is finally getting its time in the limelight. No longer do we consider these basic neutrals unworthy of the title “color,” and trends have really started to elevate it to designer status. I can fully appreciate the crisp, clean vibe, but…


…I think my heart will always belong to a multicolored room. Sure, I support and appreciate the idea of white negative space, but my psyche just blossoms at the sight of pinks and blues and gold. This option, to me, feels lived in and natural. Imagine keeping all color out of a black and white space to maintain that modern edge. It’s impossible!

So now I ask you…

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