Slimmed Down Entry


Our house doesn’t technically have an entryway, but we sort of carved one out by strategically placing a mini buffet table just inside the front door. At 12 inches deep, it never seemed to take up much room in the hallway, which leads to the kitchen – that is, it never seemed to take up much room, until I decided one random day this past week to ditch it altogether.


The initial inspiration struck following a quick morning viewing of Sarah Richardson’s 10-part Webinar on YouTube (a must watch if you haven’t checked it out yet). In it, she dissected an entryway that she had put together using nothing but inexpensive pieces from a big box hardware store. Before the video had even ended, I was jotting down a supply list. Want to tackle one, too? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wood for your shelf (I went with a 1x8x46 inch piece of pine board)
  • 2 shelf brackets
  • 3 coat hooks
  • Screws (if your brackets don’t come with them)
  • Primer
  • White paint
  • Gold spray paint (optional)
  • Measuring tape
  • Level

After getting my supplies home, I immediately laid out a drop cloth and got to painting. The board went white and the brackets and hooks went gold since they came in a brushed nickel finish that I didn’t love. Once the paint was dry, I attached the brackets to the underside of the board using the hardware that came with them.


Next, I grabbed my level and measuring tape and made marks on the wall for my screws with a pencil. I wasn’t scientific about my placement other than making sure it was taller than our heads – we didn’t want any accidental eye injuries mid-jog to the kitchen. Cause…ya know…We do that a lot. Emergency chocolate craving, anyone??

A couple of hooks in that same matching gold paint beneath our new-to-us DIYed shelf completed the newly functional, newly slimmed down entryway set up.




Although I wasn’t able to take a super wide shot for this project because of another yet-to-be-shared major project going on within eye sight of this one, the difference after getting rid of that extra table is beyond M-A-J-O-R.

Speaking of which, if any locals are interested in buying the table, it’s up for grabs! Before I list it on Craigslist, I’m giving you guys first dibs. Shoot me an email if interested! dreamgreendiy {at} gmail {dot} com.

Now do yourself a favor and lose yourself in Sarah’s YouTube channel.

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