Thrift Store Score: A Kilim Rug


So remember that time last week when I said that I didn’t have room for any more thrift store gems? Well apparently it perpetuated a second hand scavenger hunt, because I came home with yet another new-to-us treasure over the weekend. This latest purchase absolutely, positively could not have been helped.


My sister and I were in nearby Charlottesville when it happened. She was there for a meeting with UVA Press, I was there for moral support, but once all was said and done we couldn’t help but make a stop at a couple of thrift stores. Circa was our first (and ultimately, last) stop of the day. Aside from the tempting trinkets, art and furniture, I happened to notice a pretty pattern peeking out from a pile of vintage rugs.



Upon further inspection, my hopes were realized and out furled a gorgeous kilim rug – with a price tag of just $85. Sold, sold and SOLD! As you can see, it’s already a big favorite in our household. The kitties are head over heels (literally) for it, and so am I. It’s a bit of a departure for our house and style, specifically that red color, but the deal couldn’t be passed up and I love that it encourages me to break out of my home decor shell.


Although you saw it there in our entry way, I decided that it wasn’t quite right and have since put it up in our bedroom. The orange CB2 area rug that used to live in that spot? It has moved to my studio. Who knows how long this game of musical rugs will continue, but I’m happy to finally be investing in some quality rugs—It’s about time!


Oh, and before I sign off for the day, I just wanted to let you in on a quick blogging update. It’s not quite as serious as it sounds, but I’ve decided that I need to step back just a TOUCH from cyberspace, so I’ll be posting 3 times a week (MWF) instead of 5. In order to give some aspects of CWC my full and complete attention, I need to do a little shifting and this is one area where I’m willing to compromise. Quality over quantity, as they say! But don’t worry—that’s not a hard and fast rule. This week, in fact, I’ll probably have an extra post for you. Anyway, thank you for coming back to DGD day in and day out!! I wouldn’t and couldn’t do this without you.

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