Chalk Painted Jewelry Organizers

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With my new obsession over light colored neutrals running rampant, I finally had the motivation to turn to a project that has needed attention for quite some time—one of the very first projects, in fact, that I ever shared on this here blog! Namely, the two jewelry organizers in our master bathroom, one for necklaces and the other for earrings (please try not to judge my amateur writing/photography in those old posts!). I use them daily and ADORE them, but really should have taken the time to paint them when I first put each together.


Photos: Mallory Benedict

While I’m usually a big proponent of stained wood, this pair of DIYed frames sported the bad kind of unpainted wood. Lots of scratches, lots of discoloration. They were practical, but far from pretty. It was time for a paint upgrade, and this time I turned to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “Pure White.”

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In the end, the entire project took about an hour, including several dry time pauses, and made me wish again that I had done it AGES ago. The new white silhouette is bright, airy and now blends with the other white and brass accents in our master bath. The neutral tone also allows my multiplying jewelry collection to take center stage. All of that color! And, yes, that one coral necklace needs some repair work…

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I am just now getting into chalk paint but have to say…It’s a great tool, but not necessarily as fabbbbuuuulllloouuuusssss as everyone makes it out to be. It took me about 4 coats to get the white pure enough to meet my standards, and I have yet to do the wax top coat, which is recommended for this type of paint. Chalk paint is touted as such a time saver since you don’t have to prime or sand before you paint, but the extra coats required (plus the final wax coat) make it just as time intensive in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m still pleased as punch with the final look, and have already marked certain pieces of furniture for a date with Miss Annie Sloan.

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