My Home Depot Patio Style Challenge Reveal

THD_Patio Style Challenge_84

I am pleased as punch to finally reveal my part in this year’s Home Depot Patio Style Challenge. As I mentioned before, this feature has been such a dream to work on and, although it was an incredible labor of love, every tweaked flower, fluffed piece of arugula and straightened pillow was worth it. For the entire feature, including a handful of simple DIY projects (you’ll never guess what those placemats are made out of!) plus my take on easy outdoor entertaining, click here. Thanks for having me, Home Depot!!

THD_Patio Style Challenge_103


THD_Patio Style Challenge_138THD_Patio Style Challenge_147


THD_Patio Style Challenge_161

For the full post, click through the Home Depot Apron blog right here!

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