Easy as D-I-Y: Patterned Patio Pot


It’s no secret that trends tend to come and go—what’s “in” one moment will be “out” the next. So I try my hardest to fend off the immediate urge to snap everything up the second it begins to make a heavy rotation on my favorite blogs or on Pinterest. Instead, I brainstorm ways to recreate the look on a dime just in case the trend proves to be a quick one.

Case in point, the plus sign. This simple little symbol has been popping up on blankets, rugspillows, wallpaper-like decals and even tile! I’m a tiny bit obsessed, but also am a little hesitant to invest a bunch of money into it until it sticks around for longer than a hot minute. So here is my $2 compromise.


I decided to embellish a little black pot picked up from the hardware story for just a couple of bucks using a white Sharpie paint pen and a gold Sharpie marker (both of which I already had on hand). Simply draw on in your pattern of choice and you’re done! This project took about five minutes to complete and was totally within my frugal not-ready-to-commit-to-a-trend budget.



The best part is that you can customize this project with any symbol that you are currently lusting over! Hearts, triangles, stars, polka dots—the options are limitless. What would you draw on your patio pot?

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