A Note To My Beloved Readers


Truth be told, I’ve been putting this post off for a bit. Not because I don’t know where to begin (I have a feeling this will be a wordy one), but because I don’t really know how you’ll react. That really is one of the hardest things, I think, as a blogger—not knowing how you guys are really feeling, how you respond to what I type and post each week. Sure, there’s the occasional comment (which I ADORE by the way), but largely, my audience is silent and some of you I will never even interact with! So it’s tough to put myself out there, to step out from behind my curtain of glitter, glue and flowers—to get real.

All of that to say…I’ve been feeling the need to get back to a place that’s just a little more down-to-earth, a little simpler. It has been an incredibly lucrative season for me and I’ve had the chance to partner with some really FABULOUS brands who have given so generously to you guys, too. But lately I’ve been feeling a little guilty seeing all of the little stars on my editorial calendar (which denote a sponsored post) and have figuratively been shielding my face as I tap my index finger down on the “publish” button, bomb detonation style.

I still certainly stand behind my post-post disclaimer that NOTHING hits this blog that isn’t 100% (1,000%!) honest and authentic, but if I’m feeling a little icky about all of the sponsored posts then maybe you guys are, too. And that is not okay.

I’ve got a lot of fun brand-oriented content to share in the months to come that had already been coordinated this past spring, and I’m certainly not saying that it will stop entirely because brands and companies have always inspired me and I’d chat about them whether I was getting compensated to do so or not. But do know this: I’m working on getting back to a place that’s a little more balanced.

I just thought you ought to know.

(Photo: Mallory Benedict)

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