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Let’s talk Blogshop! I know so many of you out there are bloggers, and I just can’t recommend this class more. Now having experienced both the In Person and At Home versions of the class as an intern and as remote tech support, the workshop has left a pretty lasting impression on me. It’s time to spill the beans!

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And just so we’re clear, neither Bri nor Angela sponsored this post. Before getting the serendipitous offer to actually WORK the classes, I remember a heck of a lot of personal indecision about going on my own: Was it worth the hefty investment of time, travel, money? Well, since I wish that someone had been around to tell me, I’m here to tell you that it is—no matter which option you choose!

blogshop new york from modshift on Vimeo

As you can see in that breakdown a couple of graphics up, there is a pretty large difference between the two classes, but I think it all comes down to how much you want to get out of it. I only have my own perspective to give, of course, but Blogshop Atlanta was just so. much. fun. You can’t beat that one-on-one interaction with the teachers themselves, plus there was a pretty major social aspect to the In Person class. A heck of a lot of creativity was bouncing around in that room for two days and it added such an organic layer to what everyone learned.


That said, the online version of the class offers a somewhat different kind of one-on-one instruction. No, you can’t ask pointed blog-related questions to Bri or Angela like you can at the In Person workshop, but you WILL get your technical Photoshop questions answered, plus being able to rewind and rewatch certain parts of the lesson over and over again until you nail it? That’s pretty priceless, and an aspect of the live workshop that I think a lot of newbie learners would have appreciated (you can’t stop a whole class just so a single person can catch up).


Blogshop photos via Angela Kohler

So. If you are vacillating between the two classes there unfortunately isn’t a magic answer. That said, my impression is that if you are COMPLETELY new to the concept of Photoshop, maybe the At Home class is for you. Whether you base it on your budget or comfort level with the software though, there is absolutely no denying the nuggets of valuable information you’ll glean from the lessons.


While working the online version of the class over the weekend, I spent a little time practicing and brushing up on my techniques and came away with some graphics that, although slightly goofy, DO give you a taste of what you will learn to do. I actually spent some time with John Saturday night after the class teaching him some Photoshop and he had an absolute blast, which is saying something given the fact that he has zero interest in blogging or graphic design. Case in point, it’s FUN!



If you have any specific questions about either class, feel free to email me or shoot the team an email at Everyone at Blogshop is so on top of things and willing to help everyone get what they need out of the event.

So. Which would YOU choose?

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