DIY Yarn Wall Hangings


In case you didn’t know, my mind most definitely is not a bottomless pit of new ideas and fresh inspiration. I’ll sometimes have moments of clarity where a clever idea emerges, but I don’t credit that to anyone or anything but fate. And then other times, someone else hits the nail on the head and there’s no reason to deviate from her original genius. The latter moment occurred in my studio recently, and I couldn’t help but try my hand at the craft—DIY yarn wall hangings—inspired by none other than Jeran, of Oleander + Palm.



Jeran created these gorgeous, multi-tone, asymmetrical yarn art pieces for her recent Land of Nod store event and I literally stopped in my tracks upon seeing them. The idea was simple, straightforward and I just HAD to have one (or three) for my studio. So I threw a few together and you can, too. Click through to eHow now for the full tutorial, and thanks again to Jeran for being the creative catalyst behind this project!




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