Wire Basket Pillow Storage


When people ask me the “money” question (Where do you get your inspiration?), the requisite answers certainly come to mind—Pinterest, other blogs, nature. But another biggie for me personally is simply wandering my favorite stores. Whether it’s Target or our local craft stores, I like to separate myself mentally from what I’m looking at and consider things from an engineering standpoint. How can I use this material to create something new and different? Although slightly strange (especially now that I say it out loud), it’s a major part of my process.


In fact, some of my most organic projects have come about in this way. Like today’s random semi-DIY restyle! I was meandering through Target when I happened upon a white wire basket. I fell hard for the jagged, zig-zag shape and also the red clearance price tag. But what to do with it…Flip it over, add a wood slice on top and use it as a table? Wire it into a giant light fixture? All of these things are perfectly good solutions and may very well happen in the future, but with our house STILL on the market, they aren’t the best options for us now. So instead, I chose the absolute simplest in-flux purpose I could.


You see, we have a bit of a pillow problem. I love them, John hates them, so they often end up in a sad, fluffy pile on the floor bed-side. So, although it’s certainly not groundbreaking in any way, shape or form, I decided that the new wire basket was the perfect way to corral the clutter and keep my nice pillows from getting covered in dust and pet fur.


Oh, and speaking of pets…I had a little “helper” throughout the course of this project (if you can even call it a project) and, to illustrate the speed of the process, you can see below just how much she moved between the “before” image and the “after.” SPOILER ALERT: She didn’t.

Target-Trash-Can-11 Target-Trash-Can-08 Target-Trash-Can-07

It’s a super simple thing, but I’m thrilled that I found a way to work this fun new purchase into our decor and that it also solved a daily problem. Done and done!

What would YOU use the basket for? I’m curious to hear your creative thoughts.

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