Three Cheers For Delta


When it comes to technology, I have a bit of a grin-and-bear it attitude. I don’t fully comprehend it (a mental state that I loathe), but I do fully appreciate it. Enter: Delta Faucet. Now, admittedly I’ve already raved about this company after getting shipped out to Indianapolis for their blogger event this past summer, but I have just a few more things to say. You see, we’ve now had the opportunity to put the technology to the real test here at home, and the results are worth an extra rave or two.


First up, our new Touch2O™ faucet. This Champagne Bronze beauty (the Trinsic model) features quite a few bells and whistles, including the ability to switch it on and off by tapping the handle or spout, plus an LED light at the base to indicate touch activation or a low battery. Not a fan of all that techie stuff? You can operate it like a normal faucet instead by toggling the handle to the “off” position. There’s an auto shut off built into the faucet in case there’s no activity, too!

We haven’t fully installed our faucet yet since the house is still on the market and we don’t want to leave it behind for the next owners to enjoy. It has been torture leaving it in its box, but I’ll be back with a fully operating and styled update as soon as we get into House #2. It might just be the very first thing I do after getting the keys.


Another place that got a techie upgrade care of Delta was the bathroom. Delta sent us their Temp2O™ showerhead to try out (the hand shower model), and this one did get installed right away. What’s extra special about this space age bathroom accessory is the fact that it has a temperature gauge built right into the showerhead. It turns blue when the water is cold, purple when it’s warm and red when it’s hot. And it warrants mentioning that the temperature gauge is based on real temperature, not just a timed increase based on how long a standard showerhead takes to heat up.



Below you’ll see a quick experiment we did just after installing it. The cool thing is that we can each choose our favorite temperature setting and intentionally toggle the shower handle to get the water temperature to that number each time one of us uses the shower. Talk about customization. And we’re happy to know that we’ll never accidentally scald our pup when it comes to his bath time, too.



My final cheer for Delta Faucet? Well it’s downright dirty how excited I am to try out our new DeltaFlushIQ™ toilet. Again, we haven’t yet installed our toilet since we want to take it with us to the new house, but it will be another first project post-move-in.

Suffice it to say, this is one smart potty, complete with overflow protection, leak detection and, of course, ultra clean, no touch flush technology. My fellow bloggers and I were some of the first consumers to get a preview of this brand new product at this summer’s event, and it has been so tough to keep it under wraps. Stay tuned for much more on install and (ahem) workability in our new house soon.


(image via Delta)

Big thanks to the Delta Faucet team for giving our family the chance to preview and enjoy these ace innovations. Although faucets and showers and toilets have been around for quite some time, these new models are truly a step beyond what, I think, a lot of us could ever have imagined 20 years ago.


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