Domino + Minted Weekend Wall Reveal + Sweepstakes


I’m back after a busy, busy weekend to share the story of six pieces of art and how they were transformed into three unique gallery walls. If you’re just joining me on this journey, I partnered up with domino magazine and Minted to pull together a curated gallery from their new exclusive collection of art. Although it wasn’t easy choosing my top six pieces, I ultimately went with Dash, Marbled Wake and Beep (all framed) and unframed prints of Neon BloomLet’s Get Lost and Palm Lean.




So let’s jump right in and talk art hanging logistics. If you plan on trying this at home, the first step in the process is to lay out your art. I tried out four or five configurations before settling on my top three, and then I used my phone to take a couple photos of each to use as reference during the actual hanging phase. This allowed me to visualize spacing (“the top of this piece should sit about halfway up this piece”) and keep track of the options, too.


My saving grace was this hang and level picture hanging tool. I first caught wind of it via Rachel and her own gallery wall tips and tricks post on The Crafted Life, and it has absolutely revolutionized the art of gallery wall hanging in our house.

To use, just hang your art on the tool (as pictured above) and then hold the hanging tool flat against the wall where you want the art to go. Scoot it around to your preferred exact placement, and make sure it’s straight using the built-in level. After that, you can take the art off the tool, set it aside and, with the tool still in place on the wall, push in the tab—a little pin on the back of the tool will make an impression on the wall right where your nail needs to go. It’s as simple as that.


Since only three of my pieces were framed, I only had to repeat this process three times, but it made the placement of each print an absolute cinch. I was done in a matter of minutes and didn’t have to pepper my wall with unnecessary holes while I worked to get the placement just so. I can’t recommend this tool more! (and no, this shout out isn’t sponsored or affiliated in any way—I’m just a big fan)




With my three framed pieces hung, I moved on to the three unframed prints. These I wanted to put to work using three different methods so that you can see just how much variety you can achieve in your own house.

First, I used wooden hangers. These are the type of pant hangers that have two wooden slats that sandwich down over your item—in our case, art! It was as easy as putting the art in the hanger, holding it up to the wall and making a mark with a pencil under the hook and then hammering a nail in place.






For my next trick, I switched the art around into a circular, taller arrangement and used my favorite gold polka dot washi tape to secure each piece of art to the wall. The best part about this trick is that you don’t have to put holes in the wall and you have the freedom to move pieces around whenever the mood suits you—for me, that’s just about every other week.




After playing around with the washi tape and enjoying the commitment-free maneuverability of the art, I decided to take things one step further for my third and final look: double sided tape. I loaded up the back of each piece of unframed art (fair warning: you really have to load up the larger pieces to make them stay put for the long haul) and then carefully pressed them into place on the wall in a pulled-out horizontal arrangement. I particularly love the sleek silhouette of this arrangement.






And because everyone loves a good GIF, I had my tripod in place to document the entire evolution of our new gallery wall. Although I love all of the looks, I’m so pleased with what we settled on in the end—a symmetrical balance of color in an asymmetrical configuration that suits our contemporary taste. Which is your favorite?


Big thanks to everyone who followed along with me over the weekend on Instagram and Twitter! I had a blast looking in on the #dmhappywalls hashtag and seeing some of my go-to designers’ gallery walls pop up in the feed. I think my favorite part about the gallery wall trend is just how unique each one is. No two are ever going to be the same—how refreshing!


Hunted InteriorSarah M. Dorsey DesignsDesert DomicileOur Humble Abode

In honor of the new collection, I’m also thrilled to be hosting a $500 giveaway with domino and Minted! Just hop over to view the 75 new pieces and comment on this post with your art piece of choice should you win. Then click here to enter the sweepstakes. Good luck!



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