7 Details That Add Softness To Your Home

7 Details That Add Softness To Your Home | Dream Green DIY + @jcpenney

Oh, how I adore adding touches of softness to our home. I’ve made it a point as a homemaker and DIY designer to intentionally bring that homey sense of comfort to each and every corner in our pint-sized townhouse using a few key textiles and details. Below, you’ll find a roundup of the softest, plushy accessories in our home—from our favorite JCPenney towels, to throw pillows and an IKEA favorite.

1. TOWELS: We can’t talk softness without mentioning the Royal Velvet Signature Soft Towels from JCPenney. Really, the name sort of says it all. You absolutely feel like royalty when cuddling up in these ultra plush towels.

2. LEATHER: Who could forget the lounge chair that we had recovered in this super saturated and smooth teal leather from Moore & Giles? It’s my go-to spot for Netflix binge watching. I just don’t think it’s possible to go wrong with leather.

3. TRIM: If your draperies or plain throw pillows are feeling a bit bland or stark, try adding some spunky pom-pom trim to the edge! This trick takes only a second with the help of fabric glue—or, you know, a needle and some thread if you’re scrappy like that. It’s another instant visual softener.

4. FLOWERS: I try to pick up a bunch of flowers from the market every other week or so (I’ve had these beauties for over two weeks and they’re still going strong!). To me, flowers are the essence of natural softness and luxury.

7 Details That Add Softness To Your Home | Dream Green DIY + @jcpenney

5. AMBIENT LIGHT: It might seem a little funny to include something as utilitarian as a light bulb in a softness round up, but there’s something to be said for cozy ambient lighting! It can easily mean the difference between a harsh space and a homey one.

6. PILLOWS: My husband loathes my obsession with pillows, but he also has given up the fight against them. You’ll find them heaped on top of our bed, in piles on the floor in the living room, on every couch and chair in sight—I just can’t get enough of them. Bonus points go to those that come in a fun polka dotted pattern.

7. FAUX SHEEP SKIN: If I could put this textile on everything, I would. I draped a couple of faux sheep skin rugs from IKEA over my studio desk chairs, and they add so much softness and comfort to my daily routine. You can also get them here if you don’t want to schlep all the way to IKEA. I also use them in photoshoots as backdrops because you just can’t replicate that pretty, fluffy texture!

Got a favorite trick of your own for adding softness to a space? Do tell in the comments.


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