On My Coffee Table: Oh Joy!, By Joy Cho

A Review of "Oh Joy!: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy" | Dream Green DIY

OH JOY!: 60 WAYS TO CREATE & GIVE JOY, by Joy Cho ($20.20)

I’m back today with another entry in the “On My Coffee Table” series! In case you missed my review of Camille Styles Entertaining, click back here, but this time we’re setting our sights on the new book by Joy Cho called Oh Joy!: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy. Joy’s blog was one of the very first sites I started visiting religiously when I hopped on the blogger bandwagon four and half years ago, and she has never, ever failed to keep me inspired and creatively thinking. Her book, of course, was no different.

I’ll admit that I started preparing for this review a little bit late in the game—as in, I started reading it yesterday. But the amazing thing is that I also finished it yesterday. It was an incredibly breezy and light-hearted book, but despite how quickly I poured through the content, I feel like I have a year’s worth of crafting motivation to put to good use.



This book is for anyone who loves color, pattern, DIYing and living an all-around creative lifestyle. I love that, in between her craft project tutorials, Joy pops in with heartfelt suggestions for real-world situations—things like visiting fun and exciting places, how to surprise someone and even how to simply be a little silly in between life’s more serious moments.


Crafting and DIYing (or even the act of devouring an entire book) doesn’t have to take up hours and hours of your precious time. If the idea of getting through all 60 of Joy’s projects has you feeling anxious or overwhelmed, go into this read with an open mind. There are tons of 10-minute projects in addition to the larger scale ones, and each is meant to add a little extra delight to your life. I can’t wait to get crafting, cooking and creating with Joy’s help!


This was so hard to narrow down, but I’m partial to her Fancy Feet project on page 106, which details how to make pretty patterned insoles. So clever!

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