DIY Reed Diffuser

DIY Reed Diffuser | Dream Green DIY + @ehow

Hopefully this characterization doesn’t offend my gender, but I think it’s at least partially safe to say that most women love a good air freshener. I, for one, adore a sweet-smelling space and have been looking to find a good way to customize the perfect fragrance to suit our tastes. We’re actually pretty big fans of incense as a way to control the everyday odors in our home (there’s a  veritable orchestra of them, what with four pets under our roof), but since we can’t safely burn it all the time, I created my own DIY Reed Diffuser to take the reins throughout the rest of the day.

You can get the scoop on how to put one together for your own home—plus a few tips for mixing essential oils—over on eHow. What are your favorite scents?

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