10-Minute Meal Plan Printable

10-Minute Meal Plan Printable | Dream Green DIY

This post is part of the 10-minute projects series started by Laura Putnam, of Finding Home Farms, in which five bloggers tackle a different themed 10-minute project each month. Click the links at the end of the post to visit the other bloggers who are part of the series to see how they spent their 10 minutes. This month, we’re tackling 10-minute easy dinner prep ideas.

Since we are continuing to slowly inch our way towards a big move next week, we’ve needed to progressively cut back on kitchen purchases. Instead of a full dozen eggs, for example, our fridge is now stocked with a mini six-pack. And rather than splurging on super involved meals that require tons of ingredients, we’re keeping dinners under control with simple recipes gleaned from the few cookbooks that are still on the near-empty shelf.

To keep us on track, I popped into Photoshop last week to create a super simple 10-Minute Meal Plan Printable. With this one-pager, I was able to lay out all of the meals for the week ahead, plus I added a place just for a shopping list at the bottom so that I can write down everything we’ll need to bring the plan to life in our kitchen. The best part for us is that little line below each daily meal, which allows us to write in the app, website and/or cookbook that the recipe originated from. We tend to be a little ADD with our recipe hunting, so this tiny detail allows us to skip the dreaded scramble come dinner time to hunt down the recipe.

Click here to download the meal plan printable for yourself, and be sure to keep scrolling for links to more 10-minute easy dinner prep ideas!

10-Minute Meal Plan Printable | Dream Green DIY


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P.S. Thank you all so much for your patience with me as I dealt with personal stuff behind the scenes in relation to our house selling process. Things are back on track for the time being, although I’ll probably be biting my nails right up until the moment when those signatures make it on paper. I’m hopeful that this will be the only unplanned pause in content, and that I’ll be able to share many more details soon!

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