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Inspiration For Your Home And Life Care Of Yellow Brick Home | Dream Green DIY

Spaces: Globe Stand Planter MakeoverDIY Hutch Makeover
Soirée: “Yay!” Stamped Brown Paper Gift Wrap | Party-Ready Porch
Style: DIY Fold Over Clutch | Thrifted Silver Tray Polishing

I’ve been following along with Kim and Scott’s adventures through their blog, Yellow Brick Home, for just about as long as I’ve known what the word “blog” meant. Their seemingly unending energy is motivation enough to get just about any of our own weekend projects off the ground, and Kim’s stellar photography is pretty much the comparison point that I tend to weigh everything else against.

The fact that they, too, are a family of five (two humans and four pets) leads me to believe that we’d be fast real-life friends if only our lives weren’t separated by three or four state’s worth of miles. Instead, I’ll just settle for virtual check-ins via YBH. Here are six of my favorite Vargo-made projects spanning the categories of home, parties and closet worthy creations. Which are your favorites?

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