Get The Look: Our Pair Of Bathrooms

Get The Look: Our Pair Of Bathrooms

This month was supposed to be the kick-off of the One Room Challenge makeover event, but because of the pandemic, things got tentatively pushed back to May. I don’t mind admitting that I was more than a little disappointed by this news because I was excited to have an excuse to get busy with a home project, but the good news is that I’ve got plenty of time on my hands now that I’m sticking close to home. And the even better news is that I already bought all of the supplies I need, so I can get started anytime. I’ll just wait until May to actually do all the revealing!

If you haven’t already guessed given the subject of today’s blog post and that little intro, the room I’ll be focusing on for this year’s ORC event is our bathroom—specifically the downstairs hall bath. Now, you’ve seen me work on this space quite a bit over the years, but I’ve got a few cosmetic changes planned that I think will bring even more cohesion to the room. In the meantime while I work on making those changes behind the scenes, you can keep scrolling for a fully linked list of all the fixtures, finishes, and cool boho accents that I don’t plan on changing throughout the makeover.

Get The Look: Our Bathrooms

1. Faux greenery

2. Ribbed white towels

3. Peg hook rail

4. Gold faucet

5. Flush-mount light

6. Vanity accessories

7. Shower/bath fixtures

8. Faux succulents

9. Waffle shower curtain

10. Gold drawer pulls

11. Rug

12. Pendant light

I’ve been watching lots of home makeover shows on HGTV during this quarantine, and every nightmarish pre-renovation bathroom I see on TV makes me even more appreciative of the bathrooms we inherited from the builders/owners of our current retro ranch. The previous family made really sound, classic choices when putting these bathrooms into the house, so I’ve only had to make a handful of changes—most of which were just little weekend projects here and there.

The list you see linked above features all of the things we’ve added to our two bathrooms over time to help keep them updated and in tip-top shape for the current modern era. I’m desperate to share the few new things I’ve purchased for our downstairs bath makeover, but that will just have to wait until next month when, hopefully, the One Room Challenge will officially be kicking off. At any rate, I’d love to know: what’s your favorite thing from our list above?

Get The Look: Our Pair Of Bathrooms

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