My Self-Care Home Essentials

My Self-Care Home Essentials

It has been exactly 43 days since I left the house—well…that is, other than three or four joy rides I’ve taken in the car to get out of the house. To be honest, though, those “joy rides” kind of bring me down. When I see all of those stores, restaurants, and places I used to be able to visit whenever I wanted to, it really depresses me. So, it has gotten to the point when I’m just planning on hunkering down here at the house for good until this thing lets up.

Overall, I’m feeling great, though! You know I adore our home and I’ve always been a homebody, so I find peace in the quiet and stillness. I’ve also found special comfort in a few particular things these past few weeks, so I thought it might be inspiring to talk through them in case it sparks an idea for self-soothing practices to add to your own routines during quarantine.

My Self-Care Home Essentials:

1. Weighted blanket: On nights when I’m having trouble falling asleep (which is pretty often lately), I find so much comfort in my weighted blanket.

2. Home Is Where You Make It: This book was a birthday gift from my sister-in-law, and has made me feel so motivated to tackle little décor projects around the house.

3. Sound machine: I don’t own this yet, but I’d really like to for the reason I mentioned in #1 on this list. I use a box fan for sound control at night, but this seems like a better option.

4. Houseplants: John got me a live Bird of Paradise for my birthday, and it makes me smile every time I see it. Houseplants are great for purifying the air in your house, too!

5. Stress relief lotion: I keep this handy on my desk in my home office, and it’s such a nice little break from work tasks. I use it to give myself a mini hand massage!

6. Art print: Remember last week when I mentioned how happy art makes me feel? Well, it’s true! I’ve moved my three new Opposite Walls prints from room to room because I love them so much. You can still use the code “DREAMGREEN25” here for 25% off art now through May 7.

7. Slippers: I don’t really like walking around barefoot all the time, so these soft slippers give my feet support without feeling clunky like real shoes do.

8. Vitruvi oil diffuser: I’ve even gotten John to come around to the power of essential oils since quarantine started! Now, he can’t go one evening without refilling the diffusers in our house.

9. Retreat essential oil blend: Speaking of, this is one of our current favorites for refreshing the scents around us indoors.

10. Tazo Organic Chai Black Tea: Coffee made me feel really jittery around the time we all started social distancing, so I switched to black tea instead. This concentrate form tastes delicious when combined with lightly frothed milk.

11. Disco ball: No, we’re not hosting disco parties over here! I keep my disco ball in a discrete spot on the floor near the windows in our living room so we can enjoy happy light flairs all over the walls and ceiling on sunny days. The cats love it, too.

12. Bluetooth turntable: As you saw, we added a new turntable to our master bedroom, and it has really been a game-changer for our moods throughout the day. We love being able to turn on music whenever we want.

Now, I’m curious to know…What’s on your home essentials list right now? It seems like almost all of us have come around to the concept of “simple pleasures” these days stuck at home, and those tend to differ from person to person. I’d love to hear how you’re self-soothing in your home, so let me know in the comments below.

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