Fall Décor Finds That Aren’t Cheesy

Fall Décor Finds That Aren't Cheesy

Have you started decorating for fall yet? Do you even spend time breaking out seasonal décor, or are you more of an “everyday décor” type of guy or gal? I think I fall somewhere in the middle, as you found out earlier this week if you saw my story about minimalist fall dining room décor. My favorite way to decorate seasonally is with colors that feel specific and appropriate for that time of year rather than incorporating tons of telltale “characters” of that season (think: pumpkins in the fall, snowflakes in the winter, and so on).

I think an overabundance of themed fall décor can start read a bit cheesy. If you agree with that somewhat unpopular opinion, then you might find lots of inspiration in the mood board that I put together above and the list of items I linked for you below! I wanted to dream up my idea of the perfect fall dining room, so I incorporated plenty of autumn-inspired colors, foliage (in both tangible form and 2D art!), plus lots of warming textures that feel extra cozy. Keep scrolling for links to everything I included in the mood board, and let me know if this matches your vision of cheese-free fall decorations, too.

Fall Décor Finds That Aren’t Cheesy:

1. Mid-Century Dining Room Table

2. Mid-Century Dining Room Chair

3. Leaf Art Print

4. Tall White Vase

5. Ceramic Dinnerware

6. Wooden Lazy Susan

7. Botanical Art Prints (one and two)

8. Elegant Salt And Pepper Grinders

9. Fall-Colored Placemats

10. Brass Candle Holders

11. Amber Curtain Panels

12. Faux Branches

13. Shapley White Vase

14. Earthy Area Rug

15. Gold Flatware

16. Wooden Napkin Rings

Of course, I want to reiterate that this is just my opinion and you should follow your heart when it comes to seasonal décor. Feel free to fill your dining room from top to bottom with faux pumpkins if you want! The truth is that I would probably do that if I lived in a larger house, and had a bigger basement. We live in a small ranch, though, with very little shelving space set aside for seasonal décor. For that reason, we’ll be going the minimal route inspired by the mood board and links to pieces you see above since many of those items can be enjoyed year-round. Most of them don’t even need to be boxed up at the end of autumn! Tell me all about your fall décor routine in the comments below.

Fall Décor Finds That Aren't Cheesy

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