Expedit Experimenting


Hello, my name is Carrie and I’m an Expedit-aholic.

Scroll through my “Styling 101” board on Pinterest and you’re bound to see this almost-iconic Ikea unit pop up, oh…at least every other pin or so. It’s modern, classy, FUNCTIONAL and, perhaps more important than all, it’s affordable. Like really affordable. I was able to get the shelving unit (this one in white, in case you’re wondering) plus the armload of minty green storage and magazine boxes you see pictured for right around $100.


You see, the craft supply storage in my studio had, up until this point, become a little desperate. I was tossing things into either one of two places: (1) small flimsy totes, or (2) giant, overweight Tupperware boxes that I was constantly wrestling out of the depths just to get a palm-sized bottle of gold glitter. It wasn’t working.

I decided an organized shelving unit was more important to me than a guest bed, so I sold it (plus a few other things) at the end of last year. With more room to play, I scheduled a December trip to Ikea and bought home a pretty white Expedit.


I’m sure the styling will change, as is my M.O. around these parts, but for now I’m in love with the mini bar tray I was able to throw together using thrift store finds (tray from Pastiche at Main, vintage gold glasses from Estates & Consignments, decanter from Peddler Antiques).

The record player is also a fun addition. We’ve had it for ages, but never could find just the right place to put it since rearranging the living room. Now, back out in the open, I’m mildly obsessed with throwing on records during my weekly craft sessions.


And of course, the storage itself is perfection, perfection, perfection. I’ve got boxes for craft supplies, boxes for tools, boxes for current projects and even a box JUST for embellishments. It’s everything I hoped for and more. Plus, the top tier offers plenty of square footage to be filled with all of my favorite magazines and records.



All in all, the organization is even better than I had imagined, and I’m so thrilled to have room in the studio closet for bigger, bulkier things, like our vacuum and wrapping supplies. Does anyone else get just plain GIDDY over happy organization? I could sit on the carpet and stare at my Expedit with a big ol’ smile on my face for hours. I wish I was kidding.


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