Easy as D-I-Y: Gold Bauble Jars

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If you’ve been reading for any length of time, then you’re familiar with my penchant for pretty storage. In fact, I’ve been known to toss an entire set of Tupperware in lieu of a fresh new (matching!) set. It’s a problem, but I recently came up with a new, cost effective way to achieve the look of pretty storage, all while using what we have around the house.

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The foundation for this organizational DIY? A pile of old, empty jars that were cluttering up our cabinets. The first is a trio of now-empty (but still sturdy) Bare Minerals makeup jars. If you aren’t familiar, the plastic on these is very thick and the lids are equally as hearty, twisting on nice and smooth each time. The fact that my favorite brand of foundation, bronzer, blush (what have you) costs about $20 a pop has always made it hard for me to toss the jars once emptied. And the same goes for the one tall bottle—a used up glass Penzeys spice jar. Just too nice to throw away!

DIY Bauble Jars_20

To remedy the situation, I grabbed a can of my favorite Valspar metallic gold spray paint from the garage and gave the tops of my Bare Minerals jars a sparkly face lift. Now, instead of a label staring me in the face, all I see is a fresh, new, modern surface. I filled the jars with tiny crafting supplies—things like beads, delicate paper flower embellishments and ribbon.

DIY Bauble Jars_09DIY Bauble Jars_11

And as for the tall spice jar, that got a bit of a different treatment. Instead of pure color, I went with pattern. To achieve the polka dotted silhouette, I traced the jar top on a piece of patterned scrapbook paper, cut it to size and glued it to the top of the lid using craft glue. Simple as that.

DIY Bauble Jars_15

DIY Bauble Jars_17

DIY Bauble Jars_21

Now I have clean, attractive storage for the tiny things in my studio, that can be kept out on display or safely tucked away in a box. The best thing about this project, I have to say, though, is the fact that it was free, free, free.

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