Thrift Store Score: Lamps Plus Lamp


What do you get when spring, well…springs and the temperatures FINALLY start to climb into the 70’s? Yard sale season, of course! John and I, plus my sleepy sidekick (a.k.a. little sister) started the Saturday morning tradition off with a bang recently and I would happily call it a great success. We only had to trek through two yard sales in order to blow through my budget of $40, which seems like a pretty hefty budget now that I “say” it out loud. I didn’t think I’d need as much, but ended up coming upon a big ticket item (at least in yard sale speak) that I couldn’t pass up.

Yard Sale Lamp_19

As you are probably well aware, I’m a big fan of Lamps Plus (although, to be clear—this post is NOT sponsored by the brand). I already own two of their light fixtures and they are just so hefty, solid and gorgeous. So when I happened to notice a glint of gold upon arriving at the first neighborhood yard sale, a detail that already would have gotten my heart pumping in excitement, I was overjoyed to find out that it was a match to the LP Ripley lamp that I already happened to own.

Yard Sale Lamp_08

Yard Sale Lamp_20

I grabbed the lamp and immediately tracked down the seller in question, who proceeded to have what appeared to be an internal war with herself over whether or not to tell me the actual value of her yard sale castoff. I kept mum over the fact that I was well aware of just how much it was worth and from whom it originated and quickly said “SOLD” when she threw out a figure in the $20-s. I had to smile as I walked off and she sweetly told me to Google “Lamps Plus” if I wanted more info. (This all sounds just a little malicious…I am truly, truly thankful to this woman for her generous sale! Really!!)

Yard Sale Lamp_12Yard Sale Lamp_06

Yard Sale Lamp_04

Ultimately, I paired it up with my existing Ripley lamp in the master bedroom. I don’t typically like matching lamps together on one surface, but think that the asymmetrical Artfully Walls gallery sort of balances the look and keeps it from looking TOO matchy matchy. Oh, and don’t be sad for the LP Color Plus lamp that used to live on the dresser—after a game of musical lamps, it found its way bedside.

Yard Sale Lamp_18

Yard Sale Lamp_17

What yard sale/thrift store/estate shop treasures have you discovered lately?

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