Holiday Paper Wrap Up #1 // Wooden Ornament


Time to dive head first into this year’s Holiday Paper Wrap Up! To begin, I focused my crafting energies on repurposing those pretty wooden cut out ornaments that have suddenly taken over the aisles of our go-to craft stores. Costing no more than a dollar or two each, these detailed and delicate ornaments are a no-brainer for budget-friendly holiday decor—even gift box topping.



  • Wooden cut out ornament
  • Pre-wrapped gift box
  • Colored yarn
  • Scissors

In order to make these wooden beauties gift-box-ready, the first step is to snip off the twine hanger. After that, unwind the yarn, wrap it around your box in order to gauge the amount you’ll need and then trim using your scissors.


Time to turn our attention to the ornament. With one end of the cut yarn held between your pointer finger and thumb, carefully slip it through the cut outs closest to the center of the ornament. If you have trouble getting it through the opening, try twisting the end of the yarn or wetting it before threading.

I am quite infatuated with the hot pink yarn I chose, so I ended up flipping the ornament so that the yarn had maximum exposure (i.e. looped in, under and out from above as opposed to being looped in, over and back in again from below). That said, it’s totally up to you.



After threading the yarn through in one direction, set the ornament on top of your pre-wrapped gift box and stretch the yarn down the sides of the box. With the yarn held taut, flip the box and bring the yarn together. Twist the two lengths of yarn around each other and then bring them up the unwrapped sides of the box.

Finish by threading the yarn through the ornament again in a perpendicular direction and then knot. To hide the knot, gently tug the yarn so that it readjusts to the bottom of the box. And with that, you’re ready to give away that pretty embellished gift!


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