Holiday Paper Wrap Up #7 // Jingle Bells


For my seventh Holiday Paper Wrap Up DIY tutorial, I’m turning to one of this season’s most recognizable mascots—jingle bells. There’s something almost magical about that hushed, musical sound, and so it seemed only fitting to top a carefully wrapped gift box with a DIY tassel absolutely filled with the happy seasonal instruments. Here’s the scoop on how to make your own this Christmas.



  • Pre-wrapped gift box
  • Gold ribbon
  • Mini jingle bells
  • Scissors
  • Notebook (or anything about five inches wide)
  • Wooden clothespin


First, unfurl the gold ribbon and wrap it around anything you have on hand that’s about five inches wide (I used a notebook). You’ll want to treat this just like you did the DIY pom-pom that we created a week ago—wrap the ribbon over and over the notebook until you have a fairly thick tassel, and then carefully slip it off the notebook while maintaining its shape. Then immediately pinch the top most edge and slip a wooden clothespin on top to hold everything together.


Next, cut a small scrap of ribbon and tie a knot around the tassel at the top, right where the clothespin is crimping the ribbon together. After tying your knot, use a pair of scissors to snip off the excess.



To finish your DIY tassel, grab the scissors one more time and, while holding the bottom of the tassel, snip off all of the loops at the end. This will allow the tassel to fluff up and the ends to fly freely. Now for the fun part—tie a single jingle bell to each of your tassel ends and knot each tightly. Repeat the steps until all of the tassels have bells attached to them.


I left one of the tassel ends without a bell so that, after wrapping my box with more gold ribbon, I could easily tie the bell tassel to the box. Since the tassel gets fairly heavy with all of that metal, I found that the presentation was best when I flopped the entire tassel up on top of the box in a big heap of jingling gold bells.



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