Our Holiday Entryway Revealed


Remember when I introduced you to our brand new Murray Feiss table lamp, care of Del Mar Fans & Lighting? Well I’m back to share the full breakdown of how this small-yet-mighty accessory inspired an entire entryway, all centered on my favorite season of the year—Christmas time, of course!



As I mentioned back in November, The Plan first involved brand new wallpaper. I have been aching (aching, I tell you!) to incorporate a roll of Hygge & West’s Petal Pusher (in gold) into our decor, but had been waiting to splurge until we got our “forever house.” However, as it turns out, the fates have different plans for us and our home has yet to sell. With no move in our near future, I decided that now was the time to wallpaper and I couldn’t be happier with the new addition.


The fresh metallic texture of the wallpaper really sets the stage. The wall itself is not large—no more than four feet wide—but the white and gold finish practically glows in the shifting light of our living room and draws visitors in immediately. I’m still not used to the happy shock of the update and smile each and every time I walk through the front door.


To make this feature wall even more special, I added a simple white Parson’s style desk (a piece I picked up ages ago from Overstock) and, after setting it with our new Murray Feiss lamp, seasonal accessories (including my stained and painted nutcrackers) and our DIY advent calendar, it feels just right for our holiday-ready home.


As for below the desk, I added a big wicker basket (our hiding place for blankets) plus a pile of coffee table art books and a vintage brass magazine holder. Set with a grassy plant just to the side, the feature wall and entryway were finally complete.


Now I’m curious. How do you style your own holiday entryway? I’m especially interested to know how you carve one out if you don’t have a formal entryway. Do you use shelving? A repurposed desk like we did? I’m all ears!

(photos courtesy Chelsea Laine Francis, for Camille Styles and Dream Green DIY)


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P.S. I’m sharing a step-by-step breakdown of how to wallpaper over on eHow in case you’re curious of the process.

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