Holiday Paper Wrap Up #3 // Pom-Pom


Next up on my Holiday Paper Wrap Up series, we’re talking pom-pom toppers. These cutesy, cuddly embellishments are actually a lot easier to make than you might think—and you don’t need to have any tools, aside from your own hands, to help you along the way. Here’s how.



Wrap-Up-Pom-Pom-02 Wrap-Up-Pom-Pom-20

Start by unfurling a length of yarn from your spool (don’t cut it yet) and pinch the end between your ring and pinky fingers. Then wrap the yarn over and over and over (and over!) around your four outstretched fingers. The more yarn you wrap on, the fluffier your finished pom-pom will be.

Quick tip: Try to keep your fingers as stiff as possible. As you wrap it, the yarn will inevitably start to tighten around your fingers, so wrap lightly as opposed to tightly.

Wrap-Up-Pom-Pom-05 Wrap-Up-Pom-Pom-21

Next, carefully shimmy the wrapped yarn off your hand, making sure to keep it as much “in shape” as possible. Then have a friend snip off a tiny strip of yarn from the original spool (or cut this off before you start and have it lying nearby) and tie it around the entire wrapped yarn, right in the middle. Tie tightly and trim the excess.


Finish your pom-pom by slipping a pair of scissors through the loops on either end (avoiding that middle knot) and cutting the loops apart. This will unfurl your pom-pom’s “fluff.” Use your fingers to separate the yarn ends and trim the pom into a clean spherical shape.



To add the pom-pom to the top of your gift box, part the yarn on the bottom and squeeze out a dollop of super glue. Then carefully press the pom to the center of your gift box. With that, you’re finished and ready for your next holiday party gift exchange! See more projects here and here, plus my Wrapping 101 tutorial here.



P.S. I revealed my part in this season’s DIY Mystery Supply Challenge earlier this morning! Catch up and see all of the DIY ornament projects here.

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