Spaces + Soirée + Style // Beach Balls

Beach Ball Themed Inspiration For Your Home & Life | Dream Green DIY

Spaces: TOBYhouse | Darice
Soirée: Studio DIY | Sugar & Cloth
Style: Mamagama Maternity | Dream Green DIY

So, it turns out that finding fun beach ball inspiration for everything from your décor right on down to your wardrobe is a little harder than anticipated (although, that said, it was a cinch to pull it together in the party category!). But you know I love a good design challenge, so I found at least a few noteworthy beach ball themed goodies to share. Maybe that maternity shirt is pushing it just a bit, but that beach ball chandelier? I’m all for it, and sense a DIY coming your way soon…If nothing else, I hope you’re at least feeling the itch to grab a blowup beach ball for a jaunt down to the sand for a game or two!

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