Done In A Dozen: Picks For Your Instagram Feed

Twelve People To Add To Your Instagram Feed |

It’s probably no surprise—and certainly no secret—that Instagram is my favorite social media platform of all. I’m constantly pulling inspiration from those I follow, and I love to post things to my own feed, too. It’s admittedly a challenge to continue coming up with cohesive snapshots to share over on Instagram, but I love putting in the time to make sure I show an authentic peek into my daily life.

That said, I notice that I tend to get a little bored and impatient scrolling through my home feed every couple of months. After seeing roughly the same type of images and promotions day in and day out, I find myself craving something new, so I’ll often pop over to that Explore tab in order to follow along with some brand new people.

This list of a dozen designers, creatives, photographers, and fellow bloggers below is a roundup of the Instagram accounts I’m particularly loving lately. Some of them I’ve been following along with for years, whereas others are new subscriptions for me, but each and every one of them has something beautiful and inspiring and motivating to share. If you’re looking to mix things up on your own Instagram feed, this “Done In A Dozen” collection will do just that in an instant!

  1. @themerrythought
  2. @shelbygoodman
  3. @laurenswells
  4. @houseofsixinteriors
  5. @glitterguide
  6. @andrewknapp
  7. @designlovefest
  8. @oleanderandpalm
  9. @ginny_macdonald (photo by @tessaneustadt)
  10. @freshexchange
  11. @almostmakesperfect
  12. @alexmichaelmay

Oh, and did you hear the news? The Dream Green DIY team has grown! After announcing last month that I was on the hunt for a Marketing Intern to assist me with building a creative community, I received so many incredible emails and messages from those of you who chose to apply.

I had the chance to chat with a handful of really incredible women, and after all was said and done, I decided to offer the role to Nikki McIntosh of Wise Apple Vintage. Happily, she accepted, and I’m so excited to work with her to build on new ideas and to offer all of you a fresh perspective.

You’ll find her over on the Dream Green DIY Facebook page engaging with readers and igniting fun conversations centered around DIY, home design, and so much more. Please join me in offering Nikki an extra warm welcome in the comments below and over on Facebook here!

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