Our Dreams For A Mountain Oasis

Our Dreams For A Mountain Oasis

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Okay, guys. It’s finally time to say out loud the thing that John and I have been dreaming about since we moved to Waynesboro, Virginia: we want a second home! It’s, frankly, kinda scary to make that statement to the world, especially since we’re no where near reaching that goal, but it’s a subject that we talk about constantly in our house, so I thought it might be nice to share it with all of you in the hopes that it will motivate us to make it happen.

Essentially, John and I have been seriously considering the purchase of land that we can either build on or that already comes with a home on it that we can then renovate. This area that we moved to two and a half years ago is surrounded by some of the most incredible mountains and rivers, and with John’s obsession with fly fishing at an all-time high, it just makes sense that we would set our sights on expanding into a bonus property away from the city.

Since we started dreaming about our little mountain oasis, I’ve naturally started thinking about the weekend home that would be central to it. Scroll on for my thoughts on the design of our second space, and feel free to see all of my dream inspiration over on Pinterest here.

Our Dreams For A Mountain Oasis

  1. I’m still all about white walls and neutral décor, but my dream is a small space that boasts lots of texture through different types of wall and ceiling treatments. This modern shiplap look has me dreaming of a minimalist cabin in the woods. (source)
  2. Not surprisingly, a second A-frame home is at the top of our wish list. While John won’t let me paint our current angular brick ranch, I have a feeling that I can sway him into painting our river retreat black or charcoal gray like the gorgeous home pictured above. (source)
  3. Since the intent would be to use this weekend getaway for more laidback, occasional living, I love the idea of keeping the décor to a minimum like the white and green bathroom I included here. (source)
  4. The fourth inspiration image in today’s post serves two functions. First, to put an emphasis on all the windows we’d love to have in order to really celebrate our natural surroundings, and, second, to show the open concept space we dream of enjoying while hosting family and friends. (source)
  5. In terms of the kitchen, I think I’d prefer to keep things really minimal, so a white-on-white palette is high on my list of priorities. I’d also like to think we could live without upper cabinets to reduce visual and physical clutter. (source)
  6. Three letters, folks: P.J.s. The whole point of our dreams for this mountain oasis is to turn off our phones and enjoy the cozy quiet. I have dreams of staying in pajamas all day long, lounging on the back porch, and just generally enjoying the peace of a back-to-basics lifestyle. (source)

Do you have a secret dream you’ve been pining away for silently behind the scenes? Tell us all about it in the comments below! I’m firmly of the mind that the simple act of saying something out loud makes us feel more empowered to turn it into reality. Here’s hoping we can all get one step closer to making it happen this year!

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