Weekend Inspiration: No. 19

Weekend Inspiration: No. 19

Since last we spoke John and I found that, not only do we need to redo a major portion of our chimney, but we also need a new roof. The contractor who came to do an inspection on our chimney also intimated that we probably need to replace our water heater sooner rather than later (it vents into the chimney, which is why he looked it over). There’s also a burst outdoor water pipe that we really ought to be fixing, not to mention a light fixture that’s only half installed in the closet.

Phew…I’m tired just typing that! Owning an old home requires so much more work (and money) than I ever imagined, but it’s still worth it to me. This beautiful 1960s house is part of our family, in a way, and so I’ll do whatever I can to make sure it’s still standing another 50 years from now. Anyway, I’ve got to get off this computer so I can cross a few of those things off our list, but before I go I wanted to share a handful of the cool links that caught my eye over the past week.

Weekend Inspiration: No. 19

1. This fruity salad is one of my absolute favorites this time of year, and I especially love that the colors match the Fourth of July holiday coming up next week.

2. Mandy Moore’s newly renovated mid-century home was finally unveiled last week, and it’s everything I hoped it would be and more. Now to decide which design ideas to copy in our own house!

3. Take the video tour of Mandy’s refurbed space here. I actually got more out of the video than the static article and pictures that I linked to above. Can you tell I’m obsessed?!

4. Anyway, enough Mandy…This story all about ballerina-inspired stretches was another one that caught my eye. I’m not so sure that I could pull off that Standing Quadricep Stretch without falling over, though…

5. I placed my first order with Everlane this week! I’ve wanted to try out this brand for a while because I love their commitment to sustainability and transparency. I’ll keep you posted with how it turns out.

6. I’m going to talk more about it on Monday, but, seriously, do yourself a favor and buy this book.

7. I recently started following Sage on Instagram and love following along with her process as an artist and ceramist.

Weekend Inspiration: No. 19

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