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Boho guest bedroom design

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Nearly every time I get the itch to hang a gallery wall in our home I dive into the project without any pre-planning. You’d think something as simple as the concept of hanging a bunch of art together would be…well…SIMPLE, but it’s not. I almost always have to pause, take a moment to think through my goals for the gallery wall (do I want to add more color? more pattern? less color and pattern?!), and then carefully work my way through what has become a tried and true process for hanging the art itself.

Keep scrolling for my best gallery wall sourcing and hanging tips, then don’t miss my coupon code at the end of the post in case you want to try this look in your own home using Opposite Wall art, like I did!

Hanging planter with Pothos plant

Our boho guest room is, hands down, my favorite room in the house. I love the bold pattern in the rug (all those earthy rust tones!!!), and the mismatched bedding feels like the perfect complement. The art, though, needed some work. It was okay, but I sort of made do with what we already had at the time that I was making over the space. After almost a year, it was time for new art, and I really wanted to get truly new art since I have been selling a lot of our old prints and paintings, and wanted something fresh to look at.

I worked with the team at Opposite Wall to source this latest art collection in our home, and I absolutely adore how it turned out. The rich, high contrast prints I ended up with were inspired by the tones in the rug and bedding, so it all works perfectly as a whole.

To get to that point, I first pulled up a photo of our guest room on my phone so that I could have it within eye-shot of the Opposite Wall website that I had up on my computer. Then, I went through the website, opening specific prints in new tabs every time I felt like one could be a good fit for the room. After that, I took screenshots of the prints, opened them up on my computer desktop, and grouped them together until it felt like the right fit for our space.

I know that might sound like a lot of work, and it does take time, but being strategic about your art selection will make it much more likely that your gallery wall will be a success right from the get-go. I’ve impulse purchased art one too many times without actually planning it out with the specific room in mind, and it almost always goes badly. Yes, trust your gut, but make sure you’re keeping the exact environment in mind, too.

Round gold mirror with art to the side

I was able to order both the prints and the frames from Opposite Wall, which made the assembly process super simple. No more hunting through our existing mismatched collection of old art to find the right frame (which almost never works out, by the way)! I had my gallery wall art framed and prepped within 10 minutes, and then I got down to planning the layout.

One thing I didn’t mention in my online selection process above is that I also pull the room photo into Photoshop so I can digitally place the screenshots of the product images right onto the wall itself. That helps me decide on the right sizing and layout for my gallery wall. If you don’t want to do that, though, just play around with your chosen art (after it arrives and is assembled) right there on the floor. It’s easy to change up the design when the prints are laid flat on the floor, and once you’ve settled on your look, you can hang them quickly.

Before you hang the art, I’ve got one other quick tip: snap a photo of the layout you’ve put together on the floor using your phone. That way you can reference it when you inevitably forget how much space you wanted to put between the prints, and which one goes on top, etc. I even go so far as to use that reference phone photo to figure out exactly where each print will line up with the one beside it, too.

For example, I knew that my dark rust-colored abstract should be hung right near the negative white space toward the middle of the monstera print that I planned to hang beside it. Without my phone photo to reference, I probably would have hung it too high or too low. With the photo to reference, I could be exact.

I promise these little detail steps will go a long way in making your gallery wall a success the first time you hang it without having to put lots of extra “oops” holes in your wall.

Colorful boho room makeover

As for hanging, I just use simple nails (the tiniest ones I can get away with to make patching easier later on), and I eyeball the height. I’m of the mind that right at eye level is perfect, and that too low is much better than hanging art too high. If you like how my collection turned out, then use my code “DREAMGREEN25” now through 9/21 to get 25% off your Opposite Wall order!

Boho guest bedroom design

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