How To Hide TV Cords In The Wall

How To Hide TV Cords In The Wall

We’ve had our two Frame TVs now for about three years, I believe, and for every single one of those years (all 1,173 days of them!) I’ve wanted to figure out how to completely hide their cords. The Frame TV cables are super discrete, and I was able to hide them pretty well by putting a plant and stack of books in the center of the TV console situated below the television, but I still knew the cords were there.

Eventually, I hit a wall. I was sick and tired of looking at the cords, and had seen enough people who had taken the time to run the cables through the drywall, so I decided to finally follow suit. Come to find out, hiding TV cords in the wall is actually a breeze! So easy, in fact, that I’m wandering my house looking for other cables to hide behind drywall!

Make the leap over to Hunker now for the full step-by-step process I put together using our upstairs Frame TV as a guinea pig. The absolute key is to make sure you order this kit ahead of time. It comes with everything you need, including the right size hole saw drill attachment.

How To Hide TV Cords In The WallHow To Hide TV Cords In The WallHow To Hide TV Cords In The Wall

Here’s a bonus tip for you! John and I realized after the fact that, once you have the kit, you honestly don’t need to buy it again for any other TVs you have. The holes are meant to be hidden by your TV and media cabinet, so no one’s going to see if you just drill the holes and leave them “naked” (the kit comes with nice-looking grommets you can use to cover the holes, but you don’t need them). Once you have the hole saw attachment, you’re golden.

Have you been anxious to hide cables in your house? If you’ve been putting it off because you feel like you need to involve a contractor or electrician, I promise you don’t. The short version of this story is that you drill a hole in the drywall behind the TV, drill another hole right below it behind the TV cabinet, then you snake the cables between them so that they end up behind the drywall, plug everything into your existed outlet, and then you put your TV and cabinet back in place. So simple! Get all the details this way, including a supply list.

How To Hide TV Cords In The Wall

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