Weekend Inspiration: No.130

Boho Mid-Century Dining Room Décor

I know not everyone agrees that staying home is best right now as we battle through the pandemic, but I’m steadfast in my belief that it’s key to getting through this thing safely. I want to keep myself safe, but I also want to avoid unintentionally endangering those I might come in contact with. We’re all in this together! So, I’m still committed to rarely going out.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that this year-long self-quarantine experience has helped me appreciate home so much more. Despite my initial fears, I’ve found plenty to do to keep myself occupied, so today I thought I’d share some at-home activity ideas to encourage you to stay home and stay well this weekend.

Weekend Inspiration: No.130

1. John and I love playing simple games at home. It’s such a great way to pass the time without having the TV on or your eyes glued to a phone screen. A few favorites include Spot It, Uno Flip, Guess Who (they finally came out with a more diverse version of this classic game!), and Ultimo.

2. Have you tried recreating your favorite brunch meal at home? Like, really recreate it, from top to bottom? My favorite brunch menu option is an eggs benedict, which I make extra fancy at home by adding a water pitcher to the table, and by using cloth napkins, too. If you plan it for a specific time of day, put on some soft music, and maybe even get a little dressed up, you’ll feel a hint of the restaurant vibe you love from home! Use my code “DREAMGREEN10” to get 10% off at Revival, which is where many of the pretty tablescape accents came from that you see pictured in today’s post.

3. If you’re looking to spend your socially distant time at home working on projects to keep your mind off other things, try this trick. Grab a pad of paper, then walk room to room throughout your house, and jot down all the small things you’d like to get done (the things that have been nagging at you for months or even years). The keyword is small, though, since the list can get big fast and you don’t want to overdo. Think: “touch up paint in living room,” “clean sticky stuff off door jamb,” “replace lightbulbs outside.” Save a Saturday to go through your list and you’ll feel so accomplished by day’s end!

4. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it three million times more: paint is magical! Maybe consider repainting a room in your home this weekend to make it feel fresh and new.

5. Try making a new indulgent recipe. I don’t mean experimenting with any old dinner idea you might have just heard of. I mean something extra extravagant that might take all day to put together. I’ve really enjoyed trying new flavors this year since we’ve cooked more at home than we ever have before. This is one recipe I’d love to go through the next time we have a whole weekend day free.

6. Build something for yourself! Most hardware stores offer contactless curbside pickup for supplies, or you can makeover a piece of furniture you already own using paint or markers (like this). Doing something creative with your hands is such a great way to keep your mind off outside stressors, and you’ll end up with something one of a kind in the end.

At-Home Brunch Tablescape Ideas

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